Resident General Information

Kissing Camels Estates (KCPOA) is a beautiful and secure place to live. Our wonderful residents make it the friendly community that we all enjoy. Inside the gates of Kissing Camels Estates, the private club, Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, hosts a premier 27-hole golf course as well as the club’s indoor tennis courts, Pickle Ball courts, Olympic size swim pool and recreation area. Many of the residents of Kissing Camels Estates are also members of the Garden of the Gods Resort and Club.

Below is some general information to assist residents. For complete details, you may need to delve deeper into the website, or contact the KCPOA management office for assistance.

Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting is typically held in August. Residents will receive written notice of the annual meeting in advance to advise them of the date, time and location. In addition, KCPOA usually holds a semi-annual meeting in the spring.

Away Form: Part-time residents and residents who plan to be away for an extended period of time are encouraged to provide a completed “Away Form” to security at the main gate. This will assist security personnel so they know who to contact if there is a concern or issue at your home when you are absent. Away Forms may be obtained on the KCPOA website.

Billing: All questions regarding your HOA bill can be addressed by calling the RowCal Care Team at 719.471.1703.

Common Area Landscape Maintenance: For any issues inside Kissing Camels Estates common areas, such as the medians, please notify the Care Team at 719.471.1703 or email our Community Manager, We appreciate our residents’ assistance in reporting items such as broken tree limbs, broken sprinkler heads and lights that may be out.

Construction, Remodel and Landscape Projects: All projects involving exterior home remodeling, landscaping or re-landscaping, and plans for new homes must be approved “in advance” by the ARC (Architectural Review Committee). Forms and design guidelines are available on the website. Specific questions can be addressed to our Community Assistant Manager via email at Those living in a sub-association should first contact their respective sub-association management office with questions regarding construction, remodel and landscape projects. Some sub-associations must have the sub-association’s ACC review approval as well as and KCPOA ARC review and approval.

Defibrillator: A defibrillator is located at the Gatehouse. Officers are certified on its use. Call the Gatehouse at 719.473.5980.

Dogs: Residents are required, without exception, to pick up after their dogs inside Kissing Camels Estates whether on other residential property or common area property owned by KCPOA. Areas available to walk dogs include along the sides of roadways in the development and on a parcel of land owned by KCPOA by the tennis courts. No dogs are allowed to be walked on property owned by the Garden of the Gods Resort and Club.

Emergency or Suspicious Activity: Please all 911. Security personnel are not contracted to handle matters where the police should be involved. As a courtesy, please call the Gatehouse to inform them the police has been contacted and why. Security is a Team Sport! IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.

Electronic Gates: There are three electronic gates available for residents to enter using RFID tags which are affixed to their vehicle. In addition, residents have a KCPOA sticker affixed to their windshield to assist in expediting trips through the main gate manned by security personnel.

Emergency Evacuation Manual: The KCPOA Emergency Evacuation Manual is available on the website.

Fireworks: There is a ban on fireworks in the City of Colorado Springs. This includes all property inside Kissing Camels Estates.

Fire Mitigation: Intention is to address wildfire risk to homes dealing with surrounding fuels in the home ignition zone (first 30′).
»Guidelines | »Stewardship Agreement
If a resident would like to perform fire mitigation on private property, please contact 719.385.7493 to schedule a site visit with CSFD.

Garden of the Gods Resort and Club — Golf, Tennis and Pool: Members of the Garden of the Gods Club use the main gate to gain access to the Golf Course, Tennis Facility and Pool which are located inside Kissing Camels Estates. The Club property is private, intended for members only. Use of the golf course for other activities such as walking dogs, frisbee or bike riding are prohibited. Please contact the Club at 719.329.4012 for information about the Rec Center offerings. This program provides an electronic method for residents to notify Security of planned guests whom the resident wishes to allow entry into Kissing Camels Estates. is best accessed on a personal computer for full function of the site, which includes guest entry, deleting and updating (including service providers) your approved list, notification of vacation periods, listing of pets, signing up for Gate Text Alerts, and other important functions. Free smartphone apps are also available and have guest entry functions but not all other functions available on a computer. We highly encourage the use of this website/app so you have more control over your preferences while also avoiding phone calls to Security at the Gatehouse.

Gatehouse: The main entrance is the location of the security gatehouse, 3311 Mesa Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. All guests, Garden of the Gods members & guests, and contracted services must enter and exit through the main gate. The phone number of the gatehouse is 719.473.5980.

Guests and Contracted Services: Property owners are required to provide names of guests and contracted services in advance of their anticipated arrival. All guests and contracted services will be stopped and verified before they are allowed entry to the development. Save time and use, the software program which allows residents to update guests and services to be allowed inside the development. Residents may also call the gatehouse at 719.473.5980. For large, single events, provide a written list of guests in advance. “Mass Entry” is not permitted.

Executive Board: Composed of seven members whom are elected for staggered three-year terms.

KCPOA Assessments: Homeowner association assessments are billed quarterly in advance. Garbage service is included as a part of the assessments. Past due accounts will accrue late fees and interest.

KCPOA Office and Staff: Kissing Camels Property Association offices are currently located at 1365 Garden of the Gods Rd in Suite 108. KCPOA has a Community Manager and an Assistant Manager. They are employees of RowCal Property Management Company whose management services KCPOA engaged. All Board and Committee meetings are conducted at this location. Contact info: Mindy Gutierrez, Community Manager, 719.955.4922 or BreeAnn Escobar,  Assistant Community Manager, 719.623.2655. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM.

Monitor Agency Notice Form: Assists Security in making the proper notifications when burglary, fire and medical emergencies and alarms occur. Monitor Agency Notice Forms may be obtained on the KCPOA website.

Navigators Owned Property: The reservoir and perimeter of this property near West 3 is owned by The Navigators at Glen Eyrie. The reservoir is their private property; no fishing allowed other than by Navigator staff.

Oversized Vehicles: Oversized vehicles, such as a motor home, require a special request for a guest to park in your driveway for a limited number of hours. No oversized vehicles are allowed long term. For more information, see KCPOA Parking Policies on the website.

Packages: When a resident is not at home to accept a package or delivery, please make arrangements for the package to be delivered at your door or ask a friend or neighbor to accept the package. Because of liability issues, Security personnel cannot accept mail or packages.

Personal Services: The gatehouse personnel are employees of Allied Universal Security Services. They are not available to perform extra tasks requested by any resident while on the job.

Pets: All pets must be licensed in accordance with City of Colorado Springs licensing requirements. In the event a pet is lost, Security personnel may be helpful in locating the owner.

Resident Information Contact Form: An updated resident information form should be on file with the security staff so officers know who to contact if there is a problem at your property. Resident Information Contact Forms may be obtained on the KCPOA website.

Security: Security mans the main gate and performs roving patrol throughout the community. The current contracted services are with Allied Universal Security Services. The gatehouse phone number is 719.473.5980.

Signs: KCPOA has a sign policy. For more information, see Section 2.25 of Use, Maintenance and Living Environment Standards for Kissing Camels Estates. Temporary signs announcing events must be preapproved by the Security and Communications Committee.

Snow Removal: Snow removal services, when needed, will clear streets inside Kissing Camels Estates with the priority focus on major streets first. The trigger point for snow removal is two inches of accumulation. Ice melt may be used for treacherous conditions. Please contact Security at 719.473.5980 if you notice unusually icy patches.

Speed Limit: The speed limit inside Kissing Camels Estates is 25 miles per hour (unless otherwise posted). For more information, see KCPOA Safety Policy on the website.

Tipping: Security officers are not permitted to accept monetary gratuities from individual residents.

Trash and Recycling Services: KCPOA has contracted with Republic Services to provide weekly trash services for residents. This service is included in HOA assessments. Recycling service is provided at an additional cost to the resident. Please contact the Care Team at 719.623.2655 for information.

Walking/Jogging/Biking: Many of the streets inside Kissing Camels Estates have a separate walking/jogging/bicycle lane. Cars must not use these lanes for driving; pedestrians are encouraged to use these where possible for safety.

Wildlife: There is an abundance of wildlife in and around Kissing Camels including rabbits, deer, coyotes, bobcats, and even bear. Please be cautious around wildlife for your own safety. It is illegal to feed, harm, trap or hunt wildlife. Be Bear Aware! If you see bears, bobcats, or mountain lions in a particular area, contact Security at 719.473.5980.

Gatehouse Info

Gatehouse phone number: 719.473.5980

»Security Welcome Letter was circulated to residents in February 2008.
»Gatehouse Access Procedures adopted May 2008.     ( »Download PDF  )

Gatehouse Forms

Monitoring Agency Notice Form (PDF Fill-in Form)
Resident Away Notice Form (revised 06/2017)
Resident Emergency Information Form (revised 05/2020)
Resident Update Form (revised 04/2016)
Vehicle Registration Request Form (revised 06/2018)

View Account and Pay Your Assessments On-Line

The Master monthly Assessments are $256.00 for lots per quarter and $640.00 for homes per quarter. The Master Assessment covers the following: common area maintenance, 24/7 security along with hourly patrol, street maintenance, snow removal, three private gates into the community, insurance for the POA only (not personal residence), weekly trash removal, covenant and architectural control, and on-site professional management.

To set your account up with RowCal ACH, please use the attached form    ( »Download PDF  )

The Garden of the Gods Resort and Club signed an agreement with KCPOA to compensate the Association for specific services, as well as allow KCPOA the use of non-potable water for its irrigation systems. Complete details about the agreement may be found below.

Garden of the Gods Club Agreement

– February 28, 2018 Property Maintenance Allocation Agreement by BCWJ813 LLC, dba Garden of the Gods Club and Resort     ( »Download PDF  )

ARC member Steve D’Amico overhauled and digitized all our community drawings, from lot layouts and sub-association boundaries to development envelopes and fiber optic cables. The drawings will help us to more quickly and visually understand the parts and pieces that factor into our planning and decision making.